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HOME SWAMI HARDAS SWAYMSIDDHA PEETH is a registered charitable organisation. It is based on  Latest
SWAMI HARDAS Swayamsiddhapaddhati which  is an unique system invented by  Swami Hardas  whereby all  ENTANGLEMENT OF
SERVICES the issues  pertaining to a human being are addressed in its  totality This system has been CONCEPTS OF
PROGRAMME named as “Paddhatii” as  it  aims at catering towards the various concerns of  health ,  QUANTUM PHYSICS 
ACHIEVEMENTS peace and general  issues such as -  WITH LIFE SYSTEM
PUBLICATIONS 1) The undrinkable/ unusable ground water into healthy drinkable water. ..down load 
SADHANAS 2) Increasing the level of ground water.
EXPERIENCES 3) Making nature favorable. Yajnya Revisited 
4) Improving the animal and crop productivity down load 
5) Increasing hemoglobin and solving health problems.
And all the subjects of human existence by making every are capable to solve self and Siddha Pariwar Nov 2017
others problems to make life glorious. Siddha Mahayajnya 

Without usage of medicine, chemicals and money.

Vishwa Kalyan Sadhana Hindi
By no existing system, method or technology can above cited results achieved be done Event baased on 
especially altering the chemical composition of under ground water Vedic Rucha