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Swami Hardas  was working in scientific Field for many years and he was struggling for years  to find out    


the solution for all  above problems but could not get satisfactory solutions. Then, he started struggling on  

SERVICES scientific spiritual truths with the Then, he started struggling on scientific spiritual truths with the help of his 
PROGRAMME Guru Siddha Gorakshanathji and blessings from   Lord Siddheshwara.

He did hard Tapascharya ( Penance ) for 201 days on guidance, control  and support of his Guru Siddha 


Gorakshanathji. On Completion of the penance, Lord Siddheshwara blessed Swami Hardas with –(1)  Many 


Spiritual truths ,(2) Divya Siddha Shaktipat ,(3) Siddha Energy Methods (4) Methods for using Siddha Energy 


and the Most important (5) Making every one capable to solve self and other Problems without medicine and 

money and no harm or side effect of any sort. Therefore, science alone is not sufficient to mitigate the y

sufferings of masses. *Science + something is necessary

* This some thing is Siddha ( Siddha energy - Universal Graceful Energy )
* So it becomes  = Science + Siddha = Siddha Science

Siddha Science was invented , developed, applied successfully and proved practically beneficial for mankind bySwami Hardas. This siddha science which gives results like science and scientific methods but many a times, much beyond science and scientific methods, which are unbelievable and astonishing, the same  are documented and published every month in scientific bulletin ‘ Astonishing Facts and Figures ‘
The system covers all the subjects of life and concerning life hence, the  system is called ‘Swami Hardas Life System’ (SHLS).
Swami Hardas  Life System is based on the laws of energy like law of conservation of energy, law of auto  balancing and other energy laws.
This is good for solving all problems in actual life to a great extent, much beyond science  and scientific  methods but Swami Hardas wanted complete solution for all the problems including global problems.
He therefore, as directed by his guru siddha Gorakshanathji, started tapashcharya again for 435 days in order to know the complete application of siddha science. On  completion of the same, Lord Siddheshwara blessed Swamiji with a great swayam siddha methodology, a graceful divine siddha form of Scientific and Spiritual Heritage of India, where truth and only truth prevails.
The satvic (good ) command can be taken to the supreme divine siddha level by the blessings of lord Siddheshwar .Swami Hardas was also blessed with the name ‘Siddha Swami’ and who soever asks fos siddha energy that is by saying  “ siddha swami give me siddha energy “lord Siddheshwar Himself will bless the desired results.
Lord Siddheshwara and Siddha Gorakshanathji blessed Swami Hardasji with many spiritual truths and siddha energy methods to eradicate the miseries of lives. In applied siddha science spirituality the ralay of command is taken to the supreme divine siddha level for fulfillment of satvik desires.The methods of approach, transfer of siddha energy and practice are all directly controlled by  Swami Hardas.
These methods of application and the traditional methods are different  because these methods are with Almighty’s graceful siddha energy capable of sending satvic command to supreme divine siddha level to make the commands result oriented. The results achieved are favorable

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